Short L&D sessions to help self-insurers compliance

Always seeking to put its clients first, the HIMS Group has opened its weekly Learning & Development (L&D) sessions to self-insurers licensed in NSW, the information is presented in short bites so that it’s not a big imposition on the attendees’ time.

Hosted by Gem Riegels-Morgan, Technical Manager/Consultant at HIMS Group, the sessions respond to SIRA’s directives that self-insurers must be cognisant of the latest workers’ compensation changes in NSW.

The weekly L&D sessions held every Wednesday via Zoom address SIRA’s Standards of Practice and claims management expectations. In addition, HIMS Medical Officer Dr David Wilcox presents clinical topics to help case managers keep up with current medical matters.

Chris Douglas, HIMS General manager said “Late last year, the HIMS team in NSW and Victoria were getting together to focus the spotlight on the SIRA standards. We decided it was a great opportunity to open the information sessions up to all our NSW clients and other self-insurers too. 

“Many case managers within the smaller Self-Insurers are hard pressed to keep up to date with all the changes and across some 33 standards. The L&D sessions have been an opportunity to discuss each standard of practice one at a time, how they relate to case managers activities and ways for keeping procedures up to date with the changes required by SIRA”

“When SIRA sends update to self-insurers, we cover this in the weekly forum. For example, SIRA recently clarified some coding for the nature of the injury and updated the process for COVID-related claims. The communique also addressed the importance of coding an injury correctly and reporting how and why it occurred. We flag these with all participants during the weekly L&D session.”

Initially, Gem ran the sessions with the HIMS team for three months, and then we decided to invite clients and others onto the Zoom calls. “The external component of the sessions lasts for between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the standard we are addressing, or the clinical subject David is addressing,” Chris explained.

“David has addressed a raft of subjects from defining pain, to hernias, eye issues and a whole range of different injuries, how they should be treated and how they can relate to return-to-work activities.

 “The sessions are about maintaining a focus on claims management and ensuring the SIRA expectations aren’t lost in day-to-day claims management.” More complex topics may warrant a separate presentation by a specialist in the field.

Valuable feedback from clients

Better still, the feedback from the session participants has been glowing. “Recently, we covered off two standards of practice on surveillance and factual investigations. Some participants weren’t fully aware of what these standards involved,” said Chris.

“Investigations and surveillance are irregular practices, and you might go for months without being required to investigate someone. So, our session aimed to make our clients aware of these standards and ways to manage these processes that only pop up from time to time.”

To join the weekly Learning & Development (L&D) sessions contact us today on 02 8378 2121 or email: