One stop for news on worker’s compensation regulations and industry updates

Workers’ compensation is a moveable feast, making it challenging for all businesses whether they are self-insuring or paying weighty premiums to a conventional scheme to stay in touch with the latest regulatory changes. 

HIMS Group has therefore taken the bit between the teeth and created a newsfeed service at offering the latest regulatory updates. Chris Douglas, Director of HIMS Group Australia, said, “Whether its SIRA, Safework SA, Comcare, Workcover Queensland or any other state or territory regulator, we’ve got you covered.

“Our RSS feed is like a window to the world of workers’ compensation across Australia and can help whether you’re examining changes to handling claims disputes, seeking insights into customer experiences, checking on the indexation of weekly benefits, and much more.” 

According to Chris, the HIMS Newsfeeds will prove particularly beneficial to businesses undertaking national studies of workers’ compensation regulations. 

“For example, we are working with clients that operate as self-insured in some states but have conventional cover in the other jurisdictions. Representatives from these companies could burn hours seeking information or they can visit our website and find the information directly,” he said. 

“Our feed is a much faster way to pivot into the information and updates you need than using a search engine or visiting every regulator’s website.”

To find out more about transitioning to a self-insurance solution, contact HIMS Group on 02 8378 2127 or email: